Benefits of a Self-Managed Super Fund

Benefits of an SMSF

Do more with your money

Discover how you can take control of your financial future by opening up your own self managed super fund.

More control

You have much more choice in your investments and where your money goes. You can invest in term deposits, domestic & international shares, property, collectibles and more.


Trustees can adjust their investments as they choose, reacting faster to market changes, super rules or even personal circumstances.


You can borrow money within your SMSF to purchase property. This can assist in building wealth within your fund when your current super balance doesn’t allow for the purchase of a large asset. Borrowing terms and conditions still apply.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is essentially determining what happens to your super benefits after you die. Within the SMSF you can nominate the beneficiaries of your death benefits within a tax effective environment. There are restrictions on this which your adviser will be able to explain.

Cost Benefits

The more your SMSF grows the more cost effective it becomes and with fixed administration costs Blue Chip Super allow you to keep costs low.

Also by having 2 or more members (you can have up to 4) you reduce costs again. You have a higher overall fund balance which creates more investment opportunities and only 1 set of fees – as opposed to possibly 4 sets of fees for commercial funds.

Asset Protection

In the case of litigation or bankruptcy your benefits are protected. This is the same for commercial funds, however when you are choosing your assets as you do in a SMSF this becomes much more relevant.